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The closest thing to magic and alchemy

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In an exclusive to Expressive Thoughts, we had the chance to interview up and coming jewellery designer, Samira Jafari. The apprentice of a Hatton Garden jeweller, Samira came to jewellery design only 3 years ago. Having always been passionate about art and design, she has not until now been able to realise her dream of designing and making her own collection. And what a collection it is!

Samira’s designs have an ethereal quality to them, evoking images of both a bygone and future era. We at Expressive Thoughts admire her ability to use non-traditional materials to make modern as well as antique style jewellery. Samira follows the work of current designers such as Anastasia Young and Noemi Klein, but she also draws inspiration from antique pieces by Buccellati. Many of her muses can be found in ordinary, everyday situations, “It’s easy to see beauty when you look for it with your heart. Whether it’s the intricate geometrical designs of a Persian carpet, or a left over fish skeleton at the dinner table, there is inspiration all around us.”
The dedication and attention to detail that goes into Samira’s work is plain to see; she works with silver and gold, using both precious and semi-precious stones. From the elegant and dainty to the chunky and statement, Samira’s pieces can be categorised anywhere and indeed everywhere on the spectrum of style.
Samira’s unerring passion for her work is written on her face; when she has painstakingly produced a piece for a client, she derives immense satisfaction from their reaction, “A beautiful piece when it’s polished and put in a box gives me so much pleasure. The smile on the face of a client is absolutely priceless for me! The experience in itself is the closest thing to magic and alchemy.”

Samira Jafari is a jewellery designer living and working in London.

See Samira’s work and get in touch at Samira Jafari Jewellery at

Follow Samira: @SamiraHJM on Twitter.

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