Dawn til dusk, soon it will be night, still wondering which cream will be right…

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I recently ran out of crème del a mer, not as sad as I thought I would be, the prospect of buying and trying a new moisturiser is always thrilling, it gives me a little buzz! Opening the plastic and then the box, reading the inlay card or paper about the history and the background of the product, of course do your research prior to this, especially if you’re spending more than £30.00! But you sometimes you get to read that little bit of info you just didn’t know!

Anyway! I’m tightening my purse strings a little this month, it was my birthday month and splurges in other areas means cutting back in other places. So, pulling out my trusty beauty box of new and unused products, just waiting to be broken into. At Christmas Clarins had this great offer on where I picked up my hand cream, but got a few other products thrown in, including their Beauty Flash Balm. Now it’s been a while since I’ve tried this, but from my first application my skin felt great, smooth and soft and tightened. It wasn’t the night cream that I’m after at the minute, but a welcome change to the heavy thick pond’s like cream aka crème del a mer!

I don’t know whereabouts in the world you might be reading this from, but where I am, it’s been absolutely bloody freezing! Which of course means, you do actually need more moisturiser, as the weather can be so drying! Another mask. The worst is applying concealer and then realising that because your skin has been drying out, it’s slightly blotchy and upon closer inspection almost appears scaly! Gross! A good one for extra moisture I found is L ‘OCCITANE Ultra rich face cream, they’ve currently got a Shea Butter skin care starter set on their website, limited edition. This includes the cream, a really good friend of mine got me one for my birthday and it’s fab, really helps with any dry patches you might be experiencing.

I’ve been given some advise in regards to what I should be using. I’ve been informed to try Dr Murad – they do trial or travel packs too, which is a great way of sampling a product before committing to see if it really works, a good friend has recommended products for acne and also their Vitamin C range.

In the morning you don’t really need a serum but you can use one, but you cannot and absolutely shouldn’t go without your SPF moisturiser/sun block – also you need to know what ingredients these SPF products have in them, because you might not be putting enough on, they need active ingredients like zinc oxide if you want to use a little bit and get the best protection.’

Living in the UK I guess I often avoid SPF or any kind of sunblock as it’s not very sunny, but there are other factors such as city pollution to be aware of. So, Dr. Murad is definitely on my list to try, I also want to try the new No 7 night cream according to the age bracket I fall into and I’ve read a few reviews on Strivectin – Advanced Retinol Night treatment which promises to deliver reduced fine lines, an even complexion and a smoother more radiant texture, without the irritation of retinol available at Harvey Nichols. This will be the last product I try being the most expensive, but it might give me a way to see effects, without the need for a dermatologist. I will over the next coming months try these different product and report back.

I guess the main thing to remember from all of this, is that everyone is different, we all have different types of skin and therefore different needs. There is a lot of advice out there and it’s great to treat yourself to a facial and ask an expert. If that’s too much with Christmas around the corner and a list as long as your arm, try before you buy. Shop around John Lewis or Boots, try and get some samples before committing to see if it suits your needs, budgets, feels right and makes a difference. Something that might be great for me, might not be great for you. Don’t be afraid to try new things if it doesn’t suit, causes burning or redness stop using it! Always do a patch test if you’re using something stronger and are unsure.

If you’re thinking of making a bigger investment on something new try the travel or trial packs and if they don’t offer them, do not be afraid to ask for a tester, any great beauty expert or consultant will want what’s best for your skin needs, not force you into pressure buying. So, ask for a sample, go away, try it, think about it and then go back, only if you really loved it! If you didn’t, try something else you’ll eventually find what’s right. The last thing I will say is that they are just creams and what you put into you internally counts too, so do drink more water, keep hydrated, eat fruit and veg. Keep the balance! I’m not going to say, cut it out completely as I love a great burger as much as the next person! Happy moisturising!

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