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Dear Mulberry

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I don’t know how to put this, but I’m just going to have to be really blunt, as blunt as a pencil in desperate need of a Sharpener.  I’m 37 now and I fell in love with you when I was 18.  Not a rich gal, but a hard working grafter, who discovered Brands and fell in love at a younger age than a bank account would allow, brands, technology and digital advertising. Thanks to more uncles and aunt’s that I can count and the parents.

The point is that I’m on your mailing list and I just got an e-mail shot called ‘Introducing the Amberley’ Like seriously MULBERRY are you feeling ok? When I look at your bags now a work from home mother the first thing I think of is:

Does it carry all the usual stuff?

Phone, Wallet, Keys?

Then does it carry Nappies, Nappy Sack, Wipes, Sudocreme, Menotin, Teething powder and the fifty other items I may need on my way out! If I’m lucky it can handle another bag within a bag for food stuff…

If I’m really really LUCKY, it can hands down hold a laptop.

My laptop probably costs the same as the new:

Amberley Black Small Classic Grain £1,095

Come on guys, like seriously, I can’t afford that!  What a complete rip off! I can go on holiday to Dubai for that much and eat french fries on the beach!

I recently bought a Longchamp Le Pilage bag, wallet and laptop case.  Vivienne Westwood handbags are cheaper than Mulberry.  But, what really kills it, is your ad this year was the importance of family. Family as colleagues and workers! Mate, I feel like we’re family no more, you’re taking me to the cleaners.

Seven Mulberry handbags later… Maybe one day, I might see you again, ‘buy bye’ for now.  I’m off to buy an Orla Kiely shopper from Tesco, every little helps!

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