Exfoliating shouldn’t be classified as an x-file…

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I used to love watching the X-Files, I’d tune in every week without fail. Mulder and Scully were ace… I think for a time, I even loved it more than friends! Exfoliating is a bit like that, the kind of unsolved mystery, sometimes touched upon and at other times not really at all and completely forgotten about!

Is it important? Should we do it? Most of us nowadays with busy lifestyles barely find the time to do the minimum, so why add to our already very long list of things to do…

Looking after yourself and body is important, not because of what society says, but because for many including myself it helps give you that feel good factor, a cheaper way to lift the spirits, making you feel your worth. If you do the little things in life that make you feel that way, well they can add up to a lot and it’s free. Remember people around you will pick up on those vibes too, whether you’re down and depressed, confident, happy! Who doesn’t want to be happy! Except on a Monday or Sunday eve, they are the only exceptions and that’s if you work, wok office jobs, not retail as then that’s different and I’m going off topic…

So, exfoliating here is why! It is actually healthy for you! Believe it or not it is, it’s like exercise well in a way, it helps blood circulation and what loads of peeps don’t know is that it actually helps with cellulite, it’s not just applying the creams that help. Plus you’re getting rid of any dead skin, gross I know! (It doesn’t replace exercise in case you’re wondering) Anyway, best way’s to exfoliate, try a couple of times a week. If you can’t manage that however, have a pamper day, a Sunday for me! Invest in a Body brush, Boots do some great ones, the best thing to do is before showering or having a bath, use the brush in clockwise movements all over, especially the back of your thighs! If you shave or wax your legs, you’ll find this will help with any minor ingrowing hairs you may get… If you’re pressed for time or in a rush, for me after the gym I can’t be bothered so use a Body scrub, something with salt or sugar, best to apply before you hit the running water. For an extra treat, go with one of the thermal scrubs, they warm your skin as you apply them which feels absolutely divine, a word I’d normally not use, but it really is lush! Sanctuary do a great range of thermal scrubs including the salt scrub and hot sugar scrub and if you’re on a budget I def recommend Garnier Body Tonic Sugar scrub, I’ve been using this one a lot over the past month, it goes great with a their spray on moisturiser which I’ll cover in my next post.

So that’s the body taken care over don’t forget the face, using a facial wash daily isn’t enough, you really should try and exfoliate at least once a week, but not more than twice .  If you’ve not done so before the recommended is three times a week in the first week, but on alternate days, never successive.  Great facial exfoliators I’ve used are Dermalogica daily microfoliant. A good place to get this is from Look Fantastic.  So ok, it says daily and I said weekly, but this one really is that mild, so if you wanted to use it more frequently you can but try every other day at least if you’re going to. This is great if your skin is pretty sensitive, even Julia Roberts loves this product, but who cares, anyway it’s made up of Oryza Sativa (Rice) Bran and Rice extracts which gently microfoliate the skin’s surface to help with brightening the complexion. Papain and Salicylic acid will help dissolve excess surface and dead cells, while the grapefruit amongst other products even the skin tone.  This is a product that I haven’t used in a while but one that I will definitely keep on my list and go back to, writing about it, is making me want to order some more as I can remember just how it feels and when a product leaves you feeling that way, you know it’s a keeper.

The second that I’ve used is the Clarins One-Step Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser, slightly harder in terms of the exfoliating grains, so you can feel it working, it has Orange extract, I’ve found that exfoliators with a citrus property are pretty effective, definitely another I’ve used in the past and went back to.  I’m currently using this one.

The third I’ve tried is actually by Sanctuary all though I love nearly all there body products, I don’t really rate the skin products. It’s not one for my skin type, but I liked the idea of an intense thermal polish, a youth boosting facial. It’s a warming micro brasion polish, which will help open the pores and stimulate circulation. This one contains an ultra fine polish of marine earth or dirt from the sea bed, on a serious note I need to give this one another go and come back to you. It’s a bit tougher then the other too, which can be seen as too harsh, as I normally look like a lobster after using it or it must be really working, but remember all skin types are different so this product could be a good one for you.

Another body part that often gets missed is the lips, especially if you’re just getting over a cold or exposed to cold weather a lot, you might feel that your lips are extra flaky or dry. The best thing to use is a dry toothbrush, invest in a new one or use your old one, you’re probably due for a replacement brush anyway… Brushing the lips will make a big difference and you’ll find if you wear lip gloss, lipstick or just salve, it’ll go on so much better…  I’ve just invented this one and not tried it yet but going to mix a bit of butter or margarine in sugar or salt if you prefer.  Slightly messier but could be used instead of a bush, that way you’re moisturising too!

Probably the place that needs it the most, as they get used a lot and I almost forgot! The feet! Exfoliating the feet is very important, get rid of all the dead skin with a foot file and then go with the luxury foot polish by Sanctuary this contains quote ‘ground pumice to buff away hard, thickened skin. Almond oil and shea butter first condition and then help to protect newly softened skin.’  Once dry follow with again from Sanctuary Intensive rescue heel balm if you have exceptionally cracked and dry heels if it’s not too bad use the moisture rich foot butter.  You can get all the Sanctuary products from their website or go with Boots where not only can you get the 3 for 2 offers, but collect advantage points!

I would love to hear how you got on and if you found this info helpful.  Happy exfoliating!

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