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Why is it when it comes to eating healthily it always seems boring and too much hard work?! It’s so much easier to eat toast if you’re in the office or grab a bag of crisps. I must confess that I have been guilty of this…I’ve even had pizza delivered to the office.

It’s getting colder and one thing is for sure, I will get whatever cold or flu is doing the rounds. So I’ve taken an active approach to build my immune system up – everyone advises you do it! It’s about time I did it too. I’m finally incorporating more fruit and veg. I figure there must be a reason why so many people talk about the importance of healthy eating…

Going back to basics was a good start for me; lettuce, cucumber and baby tomatoes for added sweetness. Basic being the operative word here, I have since then started to mix it up a bit more.

Sometimes I’ll add carrots and/or celery with a bit of houmous. Swap the carrots and celery for falafels if you want something a bit more filling.

If I want a chilli kick I’ll spice it up with a few jalapenos and capsicums.

Avocado with edamame beans is a good one – with a bit of salt and pepper. Halloumi cheese with green olives – definitely one of my favourites!

I’ve started mixing lettuce up with spinach leaves – leafy greens are a great way of building up your iron levels. There are a lot of people that develop anaemia without even realising; it can commonly occur during pregnancy. Symptoms to look out for are: feeling tired and lethargic, experiencing shortness of breath, a pale complexion and even hair loss.

It may sound weird but sweetening the salad with fruit is also a good way of improving the taste. Try green apples, mango or avocado. Pomegranate seeds – the red jewel like rubies sent from paradise, are a brilliant superfood to add to a salad and a good source of fibre. They also contain vitamins A, C and E, iron and lots of other antioxidants. Recent studies have suggested pomegranate can play an active role in slowing down some cancers, lowering high blood pressure and prove effective against heart disease.

I’ve not tried this one yet, but on my list is to add pine nuts and seeds, I’m turning into a healthy bird! Until it’s four o’clock and I’ll have cake and tea! You’ve got to treat yourself now and again haven’t you?.

I’ve been doing this for a few weeks now, (with the exception of today’s left over pizza lapse that is!) and I’ve definitely noticed an improvement in my skin. I’ve even managed to pull off the no make-up look with no actual make-up involved. I definitely have more energy and feel lighter, no chance of slowing me down now!

This healthy eating strategy will definitely help tighten the purse strings too, which means more money for Christmas shopping. I used to easily spend between £4 and £7 on lunch every day, especially if I needed a coffee fix!

Do you have any exciting or novel salad recipes that you’d like to share with us? Any healthy eating tips you feel you simply HAVE to share? Please do!

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